How to Give a Good Presentation

Avery business planners, office display boards part of many good business presentations

There’s more to learning how to give a good presentation than studying good graphics for the office display boards and putting handouts in Avery presentation binders. Successful business presentations contain a mix of proper preparation along with clear and concise execution of the presentation game plan.

What are the keys to learn how to give a good presentation? Follow the five tips below and the next presentation should be smooth and convincing.

Prepare the information: What needs to be said? Determine the three or four main talking points that need to be covered. Then write a script to see how the ideas will flow together. The script isn’t intended to be read word for word. Think of it as a trial run through what you want to see. Don’t be afraid to deviate a little from the script during the presentation if it makes the speech flow a little better or seem more conversational.

Select the graphics: Graphics make complex points easier to understand while simultaneously brightening a presentation. Decide whether graphs, pie charts, photos or even cartoons will help make the presentation more interesting.

Decide how the graphics will be shown: Are there office display boards they can be pinned to? Will there be a computer with a screen large enough for everyone to see? Is the group large enough that handing them the entire presentation in Avery presentation binders will allow them to process the information easier? Consider the audience and the size of the room where the presentation will be given when deciding upon the graphics.

Consider other visual aids: If there is a white board or other office presentation boards in the room, can they be utilized to enhance points? If there is a television in the room, would a video help make the point? Giving the audience many different visuals to look at helps keep then interested.

Practice in front of people: It’s hard to know how a presentation will play until you actually give it. Going through it once in front of others has several merits. Pay particular attention to the parts that feel awkward. Rather than practicing them over and over, don’t be afraid to change them. If you are having trouble with it, the audience will, too. Also, don’t dismiss comments from the audience. If they felt strongly enough to say something, someone in the audience for the real presentation may share the same concerns.

Following these five steps will start anyone down the road to learning how to give a good presentation. Ultimately, though, there is no substitute for experience. Through sheer repetition, young business professionals will become more comfortable with office presentations, good uses for Avery presentation binders and speaking in front of a live audience.

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